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Mortgages: social securitisation to help families in difficulty



On Avvenire, the article by Rachele Gallegari on the social securitisation project launched by MyCredit, first among institutional investors.

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, interviewed by Rachele Gallegari, explained that 'The decision to adhere to the social securitisation tool stems from an evidence that we have before our eyes every day: debtor families and businesses tell us that they want to keep their property and have a sustainable debt to deal with. We considered that social securitisation could be the forerunner for a path where the interest is not only that of the capital investor, but also takes into account the rehabilitation of the debtor, who is often the fragile figure in the context'.

The project, for which MyCredit has set up a EUR 50 million fund and a dedicated task force, is aimed at families and SMEs, the categories that have suffered most from the effects of financial crises.
"Dealing with the needs that people have has always been both a choice and a business model for us, also dictated by the desire to do something that would in any case be positive for the real economy and consequently also on a social level" explains Tramontano.

The full article is available here.