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This section contains all MyCredit-related and industry news.



Rent To Buy: This is how I save my mortgage

On L'Economia del Corriere della Sera, there is an in-depth article on ‘My Social Impact’, the social securitisation initiative launched by MyCredit to help families and businesses meet their financial commitments on mortgages and allow banks to reduce the NPE ratio, the ratio of impaired loans to the total amount of loans disbursed.

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, explained that the impaired loans covered by the initiative are mainly related to mortgages of Italian households and small businesses. 
The social securitisation initiative, thanks to the involvement of different institutions, becomes a replicable and sustainable tool over time.

The full article is available here



Default risk, analysts' alarm for Italian businesses - Interview with Mirko Tramontano on Quotidiano Nazionale.

On Quotidiano Nazionale, an interesting article by Giorgio Costa discusses the current macroeconomic scenario in Italy, marked by continuously rising inflation, growing geopolitical tensions, and an increase in ancillary costs and raw materials.

In this context, Italian businesses are facing increasingly complex challenges, with the risk of default steadily rising: according to the latest Credit Outlook 2024 from Cerved Rating Agency, released last December, this rate has risen to 6.22%.

Compared to three years ago, the number of companies with a positive rating has decreased, while the number of companies with a high risk of insolvency has increased.

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, highlighted that "2024 has opened with great willingness on the part of Italian businesses to improve their market positioning. It is essential that this constructive approach, aimed at recovering ground lost during the period of increased ECB interest rates, is combined with an ability to structure themselves more effectively to attract capital and enable sustainable growth. If we then look at the Real Estate sector, as well as the tourist real estate sector, we have daily evidence of great resilience and strong interest in investing with capital from both Italian and foreign sources: this demonstrates the excellent resilience of these sectors, which are destined for a recovery in volumes first and values later, with obvious benefits for sector companies, provided they are able to adapt their quality standards to current market demands."

The full article is available at the following link



MyCredit took Altea's credits: ready to relaunch the former Freccia Rossa shopping centre in Brescia

My Credit has taken credits of Altea spv srl (a securitisation company) and is ready to start a new plan for the former Freccia Rossa shopping centre in Brescia.

A great result for the entire team, made up of internally trained young people, who managed to achieve a really important result.

Thanks therefore to the whole team!

At this link you will find the interview given to Giornale Di Brescia by CEO Mirko Tramontano.



Social securitizations, target exceeding 100 million

On today's issue of Il Sole 24 Ore, an interesting interview by Laura Cavestri with Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, who talked about social securitizations, a tool provided for by the 2020 Budget Law and My Credit's project.

"The instrument," Tramontano explains, "arises from daily observation: indebted families and businesses wish to retain the property but also manage a manageable debt. We have assessed that social securitization, if used correctly, can be a valid response to this challenge, where the interest is not only that of the investor but also takes into account the rehabilitation of the debtor. [...] For a year now, with a task force, we have been working on the implementation of the instrument, from contractual aspects to impacts on the real economy. The timing is ripe."

The complete article is available only to subscribers.



Securitisation becomes social and helps families in need

Giornale di Brescia wrote about the Social Securitisation project launched by MyCredit, the first among institutional investors to have set up a EUR 50 million fund and an ad hoc task force to implement it.

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, explained that this project "can really make a difference for many families who are suffering the consequences of rising interest rates on mortgages at this historic moment. Our innovative credit management model has allowed us to create a very useful tool that until now had remained on paper. At a time when even trade associations and politicians are looking for an answer to these social issues, we believe that it is the task of companies to get involved to help provide a concrete response".

Moreover, adds Dario Bettinelli, Coo and co-founder of MyCredit, "we have identified social securitisation as a tool capable of producing social and economic value. We are proud to be the first in Italy to dedicate real resources to this instrument and to be able to trace the path for its diffusion in the NPE sector".

The full article is available here.



Mortgages: social securitisation to help families in difficulty

On Avvenire, the article by Rachele Gallegari on the social securitisation project launched by MyCredit, first among institutional investors.

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, interviewed by Rachele Gallegari, explained that 'The decision to adhere to the social securitisation tool stems from an evidence that we have before our eyes every day: debtor families and businesses tell us that they want to keep their property and have a sustainable debt to deal with. We considered that social securitisation could be the forerunner for a path where the interest is not only that of the capital investor, but also takes into account the rehabilitation of the debtor, who is often the fragile figure in the context'.

The project, for which MyCredit has set up a EUR 50 million fund and a dedicated task force, is aimed at families and SMEs, the categories that have suffered most from the effects of financial crises.
"Dealing with the needs that people have has always been both a choice and a business model for us, also dictated by the desire to do something that would in any case be positive for the real economy and consequently also on a social level" explains Tramontano.

The full article is available here.



Companies in crisis, 2023 shows no signs of improvement and the new Business Crisis Code does not help

Milano Finanza conducted an interesting in-depth study on the trend of corporate crisis management in Italy.
Starting from the data released by the Cherry Sea Observatory, according to which new judicial liquidation and bankruptcy procedures opened in 2023 increased by 26% compared to 2022, experts in the sector were interviewed.

High interest rates, difficulties in accessing credit, and an increasingly unstable macroeconomic and geopolitical context all contribute to aggravating the distressed situation of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric. 
According to Mirko Tramontano, CEO of My Credit, 'we are in a historical moment where the indebtedness of companies, especially SMEs, has become a social problem of systemic relevance. It is evident how substantial is the commitment of the financial world, among others, which, while respecting the economic interests involved, can be of help to the weak part of the market. With this in mind, the social securitisation project was recently presented, the first in Italy to be supported by an institutional investor, My Credit, with a significant capital contribution. A first step in reducing the distance between creditor and debtor'.

To read the full article, click here.



MyCredit at Senate hearing for first social securitisation project in Italy

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, participated on 16 January 2024, in the Senate hearing on 'The network to protect businesses and jobs to preserve the value of the country'.

After an in-depth analysis of the situation of NPL market before and after the 2008 crisis, Tramontano illustrated the critical issues surrounding NPLs and how the current difficult situation has come about, highlighting the need for concrete action.

On this occasion, Tramontano presented the first Social Securitisation project, created by MyCredit with the aim of helping that category of debtors, made up of families and businesses, who often lack the tools and strength to return in bonis according to the established procedures and timeframes.

Social Securitisation, which was created as a rationale for the Debtor Protection Act, in fact offers families the possibility of preserving their homes despite the fact that they have had difficulties in repaying instalments and their positions have been passed over for non-performing loans.

The full intervention is available, from minutes 1:36:22 - 2:05:44, here.



Mortgages, now securitization helps those who can't afford the installment

MyCredit on Corriere: "Mortgages, now securitization helps those who can't afford the installment"

MyCredit is the first among institutional investors to launch a social securitisation, a project created to support families who, due to the rise in mortgage rates and the not easy macroeconomic situation our country is experiencing, have experienced difficulties and now risk losing their homes. 

To support this pilot project, which links finance and real attention to people's conditions, MyCredit has set up a EUR 50 million fund and a dedicated task force.

Social securitisation, introduced in 2019 and included within Law 130/99, is a tool through which My Credit tries to bridge the gap that currently exists between debtors and creditors.

The project was presented on Tuesday, 16 January 2024, during a hearing in the Senate, with the aim of launching a concrete comparison between politics, professional associations and social partners, aimed at finding a solution to the problem of families' and companies' difficulty in meeting their financial commitments.

More information is available at the following link