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Default risk, analysts' alarm for Italian businesses - Interview with Mirko Tramontano on Quotidiano Nazionale.



On Quotidiano Nazionale, an interesting article by Giorgio Costa discusses the current macroeconomic scenario in Italy, marked by continuously rising inflation, growing geopolitical tensions, and an increase in ancillary costs and raw materials.

In this context, Italian businesses are facing increasingly complex challenges, with the risk of default steadily rising: according to the latest Credit Outlook 2024 from Cerved Rating Agency, released last December, this rate has risen to 6.22%.

Compared to three years ago, the number of companies with a positive rating has decreased, while the number of companies with a high risk of insolvency has increased.

Mirko Tramontano, CEO of MyCredit, highlighted that "2024 has opened with great willingness on the part of Italian businesses to improve their market positioning. It is essential that this constructive approach, aimed at recovering ground lost during the period of increased ECB interest rates, is combined with an ability to structure themselves more effectively to attract capital and enable sustainable growth. If we then look at the Real Estate sector, as well as the tourist real estate sector, we have daily evidence of great resilience and strong interest in investing with capital from both Italian and foreign sources: this demonstrates the excellent resilience of these sectors, which are destined for a recovery in volumes first and values later, with obvious benefits for sector companies, provided they are able to adapt their quality standards to current market demands."

The full article is available at the following link